Welcome to NIX.

The rules are simple. Don't be a dick.
This is a whitelisted server, and anyone being a dick will be banned. There's no appeal, no second chances, and I - CatPasswd - am the sole arbiter of what it means to be a dick. So if there is any question at all about whether a potential action might be considered dickish, don't do it.

On to the good stuff.

I try to make a vanilla-like experience, but pure vanilla 1.13.x has been a complete disaster code-wise, and no hardware in the world will allow it to run efficiently with more than 5-10 players without nerfing server settings so hard that it takes the fun out of the game. Therefore, I run a paper server. For more information, see Paper Documentation

There are few plugins, and a a few datapacks. I'll explain each.


GriefPrevention - Allows players to claim an area and prevent others from stealing or destroying the things you build. There are tutorials available on youtube, such as This one

SmoothSleep - Enhanced sleep mechanics. The night passes faster if players sleep in a bed. The more players sleeping, the faster the night passes. Very simple idea, really.

DiscordSRV - A bridge between Discord and Minecraft chat. See the #ingame-chat channel.

Dynmap - a web-based map of explored areas of the world. I've added a plugin to also show GriefPrevention claims on the map. You can view the world maps HERE Protip: Mouse to the far right of the web page for a list of available maps.


12 trapdoors - increases the amount of wooden trapdoors created when crafting from 2 to 12. Getting 2 trapdoors from 6 planks makes no sense, so...

Black dye with charcoal - Self explanatory. You can use charcoal as black dye, in addition to ink sacs from squid.

More mob heads - Killing mobs gives a small chance of dropping their heads. A fun datapack with no practical use.

Double shulker shells - Since shulker boxes are just so darn handy, I installed this datapack to guarantee that each shulker killed drops 2 shells.

Shulker Respawn - Yes, shulkers will respawn in the appropriate end biomes. It works by hijacking a small percentage of the enderman spawns, so this is subject to the hostile mob cap. Imaginative players may be able to create a shulker farm...

In addition to the above, I've added a fun awards page, which can be viewed HERE There's no real point to this, but it's amusing. New awards can be created from the statistics kept by Minecraft, and suggestions for additions are welcome.